The presidential debate with Trump and Biden: Live updates

Atlanta's economy is a proving ground for Bidenomics vs. MAGAnomicsAtlanta Skyline as seen from Jackson…

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A unifying celebration of America? Not this July 4, say some readers

Today, our nation brandishes the flag and our collective pride as we celebrate the day…

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AI-Generated Al Michaels to Deliver Paris Olympics Highlights

NBC will offer a customized, daily highlight reel with A.I.-generated narration that sounds like the…

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How to snag the best seats on Southwest Airlines

Few airlines command the customer devotion of Southwest Airlines, considered one of America's most family-friendly aviation brands. The airline does things right in many ways that other airlines do not.…

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‘A lack of trust’: How deepfakes and AI could rattle the US elections | US Election 2024 News

On January 21, Patricia Gingrich was about to sit down for dinner when her landline phone rang. The New Hampshire…

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Away from global attention, Sudan is starving | Hunger

The risk of a devastating famine is rising exponentially across Sudan. According to a recent report by the United Nations’…

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A Palestinian Professor Spoke Out Against the Gaza War. Israel Detained Her.

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a Palestinian professor at a prominent Israeli university, first waded into the debate over the Gaza war by…

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‘Long live Palestine’ says Indian MP as he’s sworn into parliament | Government

NewsFeedThis Indian parliamentarian sparked a political row as he was sworn in by ending his oath with ‘long live Palestine’.…

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France Election 2024 Live: Results Show No Party Wins Absolute Majority

France could be headed for sustained political deadlock after no party or alliance of parties appeared to have won an…

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Amazon Is Investigating Perplexity Over Claims of Scraping Abuse

Amazon’s cloud division has launched an investigation into Perplexity AI. At issue is whether the AI search startup is violating Amazon Web Services rules by scraping websites that attempted to…

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Tesla shareholder vote on Musk pay plan won’t clear ‘legal disputes’

Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX and Tesla and owner of X speaks during the Milken Conference 2024 Global Conference Sessions at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California,…

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Nico Williams’ €58M Release Clause Complicates Barcelona Transfer Talks

Barcelona are interested in signing Nico Williams from Athletic Club this summer, but the transfer…

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Alan Cumming Says ‘X-Men’ Sequel Is ‘Gayest Film’ He’s Ever Made

Alan Cumming takes great Pride in his 'X-Men' movie "X2" ... quite literally 'cause the…

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Israel Strikes Southern Gaza After Ordering Evacuations

Israeli forces struck southern Gaza overnight, targeting areas of Khan Younis from which rockets had…

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Docusign CEO Allan Thygesen says while it’s true Americans work harder than Europeans, maybe Americans aren’t happier

In a tech hub like San Francisco, it’s increasingly rare to find a job that…

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Delta’s profits disappoint, raising questions about how other airlines will perform

It appears Delta Air Lines is not, in fact, immune from a problem that's plagued most of the U.S. air travel industry over the past year: high costs and stiff…

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Biden calls Ukraine leader Zelenskyy President Putin

President Joe Biden mistakenly introduced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as "President Putin" at the NATO summit Thursday, an embarrassing verbal stumble at a time when Biden faces intense questions about his…

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How to make the most of the Olympics on Peacock

It's almost time for the 2024 Olympics, those special weeks when we watch the world's best athletes go for gold (and get emotional watching their parents cheer them on). And…

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Magic Johnson says playing at the 1992 Olympics after his HIV diagnosis ‘was the greatest moment’ of his life

In a recent interview with the BBC’s Katty Kay, NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson recalled his journey with HIV after announcing his diagnosis in 1991. “Everything was going well, and…

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Shelley Duvall, Star of ‘The Shining’ and ‘Nashville,’ Dies at 75

Her lithesome features and quirky screen presence made her a popular figure in 1970s movies, particularly Robert Altman’s.

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Biden Supporters Watching Polls & Closing Checkbooks, Says Major Donor

Play video content TMZ.com President Biden's campaign funding might slow to a trickle if he stays in the race ... at least according to a 6-figure donor who says democratic…

By Shanai Pedro 2 Min Read